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love & rugby, vol. 1

Love & Rugby, Vol.1 contains the first three books in the series: Spiral, Spark, and Smolder. 

Spiral: Mutually breaking up with their cheating ex bonds rugby teammates Easton and Kade and sets them free to explore the allure of each other. But Easton’s been burned one time too many, and Kade’s self-doubts run deep. One touch, one admission, one kiss, sets off a chain reaction neither of them expected, and risks their friendship, their team, and how much they depend on each other.

Spark: Spending his fortieth birthday in a club filled with twenty-somethings and members of his brother’s rugby team isn’t Finlay’s idea of fun, but falling into the arms of a sexy stranger changes that. Bouncer and rugby player Mateo’s life is consumed with work, but meeting Finlay is a bright spark in his hectic life. Can they give in to the instant connection that ignites a desire for more?

Smolder: An unexpected discovery forces rival rugby captains Cam and Aspen to see each other in a new light. Beyond the attraction and chemistry, they find support, caring, and a connection that deepens with each passing day. But Cam is protective about who he allows into his and his daughter’s lives and into their hearts, and Aspen feels ill-equipped to navigate anything traditional, including a relationship that is more than just him and Cam. Can the fire of what they’ve built blaze bright despite the obstacles, or will it fizzle out? 

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