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USA TODAY bestselling author Susan Scott Shelley writes romances with heat and heart that celebrate love without limits.


Enormous mugs of coffee and tea make her happy, as does reading romance novels and binging episodes of her favorite British TV shows. Susan also works as a professional voiceover artist, and while she's definitely a city girl, she likes being out in nature as often as possible. A fan of mythology, word games, and hockey, she lives in Philadelphia with her husband and has yet to meet a plant she hasn’t wanted to take home.

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Chantal Mer never set out to write books. Yet here she is, and she’s having a blast. Happily ever afters for everyone makes her heart sing. 

When she’s not writing, Chantal can be found walking her adorable dog, going to musical theater with her daughter, observing the night sky with her husband and his telescope, and learning about the latest advances in video games with her son. Give her a book and a glass of wine and she’s in her happy place. Chantal lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, two teens, and her sweet pup, Miss Toffee and her big orange cat, Simba.​

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Writing Together

Susan and Chantal have been friends and critique partners for several years and have always enjoyed reading each other's stories and helping each other brainstorm with plots, characters, and world building. The idea to co-write together stemmed from short stories they wrote (available on their websites) which involved each other's characters. That worked so well, they decided to try writing a novel. And that worked so well, it turned into a series, then two series, and then three.

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