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love & rugby: season of love

the complete collection

Love & Rugby: Season of Love, The Complete Collection contains the three books in the series: Savor, Seduce, and Stay. 


Savor: An unexpected kiss at a Halloween party changes everything for widower Anderson and florist Penn, forcing them to face the attraction they've been dancing around for a year. The more time they spend together, the deeper Anderson falls, grappling with guilt, desire, and the feelings Penn arouses. Each moment they share proves to Penn how good the two of them together can be, and he yearns for Anderson to see there’s room in his heart to love Penn too. With the thorns of fears piercing their relationship, can love blossom between them?


Seduce: Frequent traveler Wyatt has his sights set on fellow rugby club member Rocco, but Rocco seems determined to keep him at arm's length, until the pull they feel toward each other can't be ignored. As the holiday season unfolds, the men find more in each other than they ever imagined. But Rocco wrestles with loosening the reins at his restaurant and fears Wyatt’s penchant for jetting off on adventures isn’t compatible with a life so consumed by his business. And longing for companionship, Wyatt struggles with Rocco’s almost nonexistent work-life balance and whether there’s a place for him in it. Can they find a way to gift each other what they need most or will they end up alone under the mistletoe?


Stay: Florist Seth is shocked when his ex boyfriend volunteers to fill in as short-term help over the winter. For the first time in the fifteen years of friendship since their college romance, both men are unattached, and those old feelings are still there. Spending nearly every day together, the pair realize how in sync they are in work, play, and strive to help each other achieve their dreams. But family ties and new opportunities tug Devonte toward a life that will take him far away from Seth, as they did fifteen years ago. With history threatening to repeat itself, will they choose each other, or will all the petals fall off their blooming relationship?

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