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Swoon, Love & Rugby series

Firefighter Gage Garrison prides himself on being strong and reliable. Since his last relationship’s humiliating end, he’s kept to himself, but thanks to the rec league rugby club he joined, he’s slowly gained new friendships and found a place to belong. A place that is threatened when his attempts to rescue a kitten stuck in a tree thrusts his secret fear of heights in full view of his new friends and the teammate he’s been crushing on all season.


Dendrologist Valentine Bartley loves plants and trees with a passion. Settled in a new city, a new house, and a new job, he’s now part of the rugby club he used to love playing against, and has formed some solid friendships there. He’s also developed a crush on his fearless teammate Gage. Taking part in the tree rescue, Val glimpses the vulnerability behind the tough mask Gage shows the world and is determined, quirks and all, to pursue the intriguing man.


Caring for the kitten bonds the men. Sharing vulnerabilities and wants, they find support, honesty, and a connection that feels like the solid foundation for a relationship. But will Gage’s worries over how his phobia could color Valentine’s and his teammates’ opinion of him, and Valentine’s doubts over whether he can trust Gage to keep his word when others haven’t, keep them from the promise of new beginnings they’ve found in each other?

Love & Rugby series

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Swoon, Love & Rugby series
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