Love & Rugby series

Spark, Love & Rugby series, Susan Scott Shelley and Chantal Mer

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Coming January 11, 2022 

About the Book

Spending his fortieth birthday in a club filled with twenty-somethings and members from his brother’s rugby team isn’t Finlay Davidson's idea of fun, but falling into the arms of a sexy stranger who looks as out of place as Finlay feels, entices him to stay. For a decade, he’s partnered with his siblings, focused on building a successful family business and ensuring the well-being of his employees. Romance hasn’t been a priority, but meeting the man, who moonlights as a bouncer and is one of his brother’s teammates, shifts his world and ignites his desire for more.


For the past year and a half, Mateo Rossi Ayala’s life has revolved around working two jobs, bouncing on weekends and doing home remodels during the week. His only respite is the weekly rugby games and practices with teammates who have become like family. Meeting Finlay, his rugby teammate’s brother, is a spark of light in a hectic life consumed by commitments and responsibilities, strong enough for Mateo to believe that the unattainable is possible.


The intensity of their immediate connection outweighs Finlay’s hesitation over dating someone who plays a dangerous sport, and makes Mateo determined to fit their relationship into his life without dropping any balls. When their worlds turn upside down, Finlay’s fears and Mateo’s worst nightmare collide. With their differences and doubts laid bare, can their burgeoning relationship survive the strain or will their bond be severed?

Love & Rugby series

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Spark, Love & Rugby series, Susan Scott Shelley and Chantal Mer
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